( This can be viewed as a companion piece to my last blog )

While it has been discussed that Trump could possibly be a shill for Hillary, the logistical evidence appears to indicate the opposite.  

Whether it has always been intended or is a recent change of strategy,  Trump has always been positioned as the anti-establishment pro-American political outsider, while Hillary has always carried the Albatross of being the criminal career politician puppet of the Elite establishment.

The Media and politicians have helped tremendously in this in spite of their antagonism toward Trump.  In fact that has only helped immensely.  The fact is that the Magician-Money Changers own both Trump and Hillary, but the trick is not just getting their candidate elected…..that’s easy.  The trick is getting the American people with their own free-will to want, support, and even beg for the solution they offer, which in this case is Trump.

Because let’s be honest:  When all hell breaks loose upon the land, the people will respond better to the alpha-male famous personality than to the super corrupt, bank owned politician who only cackles at misfortune. 

It looks as though a major conflict,  possibly a world war, is either being purposefully staged or becoming unavoidable.  This is in addition to the contrived terror and immigration situation.  It also looks as though an economic collapse is on the menu.  There is also designed societal strife with an increased police state in preparation.  Who would be capable of ruling over a populace overwhelmed by the chaos of war, mass unemployment, mass hunger, fear and anger?   Because when it becomes time to drop the hammer on Americans in some severe fascist/communist way for the reasons stated above, only a popular, charismatic authoritarian alpha-male with no empathy and advanced lying skills will do ……one who has the mandate and support of the people.  And who currently fits this description?

Hillary has become a wounded duck who by the day is increasingly falling apart mentally, physically, and with regard to her criminal activities.  The Media may not be as brutally honest as many would like, but the news is out there.  As are the books, the documentaries, and the articles.  

Bernie had always been on a tight leash…..but the majority of the people seem to want Hillary only because they hate and fear Trump, while Trump has the support of those who hate and fear Hillary.  As distasteful as the philosophy of  “the lesser of two evils”  is, if this is the acid test then it is Trump who will eventually win.

One cannot become a billionaire real estate and gambling mogul and get this far in the presidential election being anti-establishment without being hooked up somehow.  And he didn’t get this far by telling everyone to fuck off.  Supporters are impressed that absolutely everyone has come out to condemn Trump, even republicans and conservatives.  But his supporters are anti-media and anti-establishment so that only helps and strengthens Trump.  The media, for hating him, has given him quite a bit of free air time which has been essential.  

 They are either creating a populist man of the people who will have the people’s mandate, or he is meant to be a demolition derby.  i am leaning toward the former.  

While the Elite on all sides who run the world clink champagne glasses with each other often, you can’t even get them on the phone.  It is them against us.  Take your pick, the Satanic puppet masters control both. 

It is a reality show, a beauty pageant and a cult of personality.  Trump has experience with and a facility for all of these.  He is a Narcissist, an Entertainer, a Deal Maker, an Elitist, a Racist, an Alpha-Male.  He is money and power.  He speaks very well and naturally.  He is a chauvinist.  A xenophobe.  And he is loved because of it.   But i am not suggesting that Trump supporters are as evil as he is, as many liberals assume.  i know many Trump supporters and they are not like him at all – in fact they don’t believe that Trump himself is like this!  His personality elicits a strange attraction within the context of the current political and social climate, an dangerous elixir quite similar to any dictator who is desired by the people until the day he turns on them.   He is our Luciferian Archetype.  The Trickster Demon.  Even his name suggests a game that he is promised to win.  Supposedly he is an outsider and anti-establishment.  He has never been either.  He is a billionaire 1 per-center, of royal blood, a globalist elitist narcissist who used to symbolize the decadent capitalism of our America.  Now he is saying he is here to fight it.   

Trump is the sheepdog for the people who are rightfully tired of the Media and the System.  Those who have woken up to the Machine and are angry, are being directed toward Trump…..who will only end up being their False Hope.  

i can only hope that my cynicism has gotten the better of me. 




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