Why would anyone allow a group of inhumane sociopaths to have complete control over their body and health from birth until death?

That is how i look at Health Care,  or any other Societal Authority for that matter.   Who the hell are these people that have committed horror after horror throughout history and why do we allow these men to rule over us?   i wouldn’t allow a NICE group of men to tell me what to do,  i am certainly not going to entertain the idea of letting mentally defective alpha male control freaks to do so….. And i am not just using random grammatical sarcasm when i call them inhumane sociopaths… i have provided an adorable little list of real experiments that our esteemed Medical and Governmental Authorities have performed on us just to illustrate what really goes on in this Puppet Show we call our civilized free society.

These are not the actions of Human Beings,  these are clearly Demonic or Demonically inspired activities and to them we are less than animals,  Human Resources,  Useless Eaters.   You can learn a lot from a person’s hobbies,  whether they are putting radiation on retarded children’s breakfast or just spending a relaxing Sunday afternoon injecting babies with herpes – it really is quite an insightful journey into the sick and twisted minds of those in whom we impart so much Authority and Trust as constantly and helplessly as we Humans do.    While perusing this lovely resume of our Controllers please keep that in mind – they consider us less than farm animals.

With just a little extra research into the psychopathic misadventures of these mad house institutions we reverentially refer to as Medicine and Government with all but a Blessing to the Saints,  we can let the past impart to us their very nature as well as the dystopic future toward which the Huxleyesque vector points.   They tell you what they are doing and you will soon feel very uncomfortable and idiotic about surrendering your body mind to them.

My reason for writing all of this is because a little 10 year-old Amish girl named Sarah is being forced against her Will to undergo blasts of radiation that will undoubtedly NOT cure her of cancer,  in fact it will make her much sicker, weaker and more depressed.  In addition to such unbelievably inhumane treatment her parents have no authority concerning their own daughter,  while the State does.  And this is stated very clearly by the laws of our free country.

For those of you finding it difficult to believe that the State has more authority over a child than the parents  ( bless your innocent hearts )  i refer you to a refresher course in what is part of the Constant Illusion……the Illusion being that we are free.  The precedents and cases given here will astonish and anger you – the brazen opinion of the Courts is arrogant and intentional,  because they clearly want us to know.  They own all of us.  The Birth Certificate is just a receipt for your child,  make no mistake….. they own us and they own our children.   We raise them,  but they own them.

“In other words, the state is the fathetr and mother of the child and the natural parents are not entitled to custody, except upon the state’s beneficent recognition that natural parents presumably will be the best of its citizens to delegate its custodial powers… ‘The law devolves the custody of infant children upon their parents, not so much upon the ground of natural right in the latter, as because the interests of the children, and the good of the public, will, as a general rule, be thereby promoted.’ “

Chandler v. Whatley, 238 Ala. 206, 208, 189 So. 751, 753 (1939) (quoting Striplin v. Ware, 36 Ala. at 89) (‘ ’).


Are you getting that  “oh f%*k”  feeling yet?

Back to the Medieval Medics of the Holy Mechanical Body:

Chemotherapy is NOT a cure.  If it were,  then people with cancer would go in for the procedure and come out again without cancer.    And yet this does not happen.  What does happen is exactly what you would expect to happen when someone is subjected to large doses of radiation.  Radiation is bad for the human body,  this has been very well established.  This is why no one wants to be anywhere near Fukishima right now.   So i challenge any Doctor who believes in Chemotherapy as a cure to undergo the treatment themselves…..surely they wouldn’t mind demonstrating just how harmless it is.  But they won’t because it isn’t.   Just like the dentist tells us that the numerous dental x-rays he takes are harmless while at the same time he covers us in a lead coat and runs out of the room so as not to be anywhere near the radiation when the machine goes off……

So since Chemotherapy is obviously NOT a cure and since Doctors are VERY AWARE that it will instead cause painful, deleterious effects,  we can then accurately define this as torture.

Quite plainly the Medical Establishment is forcing a tortuous treatment on a young girl with the legal consent of our Government.

What does this make us?  Who the hell are we if we can be treated this way?  What type of Entity uses the law and so much time and energy to force pain and discomfort on a little girl?  They have defined and exposed themselves as not being Human,  these are Demons without a doubt.  Humans do not do these things.  But what does this make us?  Human Farm animals?  Food by way of flesh and emotion?

Every aspect of our Society is designed as a system of control.    Don’t believe me?  Try home-schooling your Child and see the unbelievable amount of resistance and pressure you will receive from your  “free” country.   And like Sarah,  just try NOT accepting their twisted medical cures and see the reaction you get from your  “free” country.   The Constant Illusion which is presented to us from every source at all times is the mantra-trance  of  “we are the greatest,  freest country in the world”……and yet we are not even allowed to cross the street unless we are given permission from a flashing light.   Not until we see a little digital figure of a man in a box, a surrogate television, another box with lights providing a minor if not necessary fix for our withdrawal from constant neural linguistic instruction,  for we are addicted to instruction.  We are dependent upon being dependent,  it is a good feeling, a sure and secure feeling, a lazy, easy and dependable feeling with no responsibility, because everything will be all right, that’s what we have been told and it will get us through for now.   And the moment that they are triggered by the appropriate symbol signaling its approval to the subconscious only then do they dare move.  That is the extent of our lab rat existence.  i am constantly underwhelmed by the mass of Well-Trained-Humans who stand in a trance at the curb until their Pavlovian reflex is activated by a specific symbol telling them what to do.  i know, i can already hear the reasons and excuses from the mind-controlled majority regurgitating what we have been brain-washed with since childhood – that without the control implemented by traffic lights chaos would reign as careening cars swerve to avoid the bloody bodies lying all over the street while baby carriages fly through the air as desperate mothers run after them with outstretched arms,  every intersection indistinguishable from a Palestinian grenade sale at Passover…..


But this does not just describe Health Care alone;  and as amazing and Spiritual Creations of God we astonishingly just love to give it all away and wait for controlling sociopaths to inform us of how to pray to God and how to interpret Jesus,  to make up a list of things we can and cannot do as Free Willed Conscious Entities on God’s Planet,  and even to control our very bodies and health.  And if we dispute any of this,  if we dare challenge this Authority in any way,  they even have a system of  “impartial” resolution for that as well, and it’s called the Justice System.   But don’t expect any of what that word implies as this too is their design and in their control.   We are playing in their sandbox,  their Gestalt System,  Society is all theirs so expect no quarter.  This is all extremely ignorant and disrespectful of the Gifts we have been given by our Creator as well as a very dangerous thing to do……Yet we have willingly handed over all our decisions and thoughts to the Holy Authorities…..they make all of our decisions in these matters for us,  they tell us how to think about such things.

This is the Universal Law of the Human Spirit:

NO ONE has any authority over you – EVER.  Only you and your God.  Not even Satan has Power over you unless given permission,  and even the Creator respects Free Will as we can disobey Him if we so choose……

NO ONE has any authority over a Child other than the Parents.

( this of course does not include situations involving physical or property damage or cases of mental incompetence )

Anyone who attempts to exert any type of control over another is in direct violation of Natural,  Spiritual and Universal laws.  In doing so they reveal themselves to the World as Negative Entities with a psychic dysfunction.  

i think it is a very big mistake to examine these issues in a tunnel-vision manner, one case at a time.  They should be looked at holistically and through the wide lens of history.  Because this is not a strange case that just popped into our Consciousness,  it is a result of Society’s design coming into contact and causing severe psychic friction with sensitive Human Beings.   i want to know what gives these people the belief that they have any power or right to do this to anyone…..because this is the exact same type of belief that calmly placed Africans in chains and treated them worse than animals;  it is the same as the British Empire wiping out indigenous nations as though it were a sport….What manner of man is this that unflinchingly experiments and then casually murders Jews in the Human assembly line of concentration camps?  Who drops Atomic Bombs on cities full of innocent people, subjugates and suppresses Women and treats them like property all throughout history,  putting Children to work like slaves in dangerous factories?  What force could possibly lead the Christians to brutally torture other Christians in the very same name of Christ?  How the hell was THAT accomplished?  Upon what meat does this creature feed?  Human meat i’m guessing, and the emotive reality of Pain and Fear,  Death and Destruction.  This is a strange character to say the least,  a master of the demonic art of war.  History is just a hellish play,  a ritualistic psychological operation on the Human Consciousness.

Ephesians 6:12

King James Version (KJV)

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


This is all Magick and Spells,  administered by the Sorcerers with the Power and Energy given to them by THE PEOPLE.   We ALLOW it.  We SUBMIT to it with our most powerful Force,  that of our Free Will.  Our Creator gave us the gift of Free Will,  EVEN THOUGH THE POSSIBILITY EXISTED FOR US TO USE FREE WILL TO DENY GOD HIMSELF……but He allowed it in order for the Experiment that is Existence to have meaning and purpose.  And even Satan must in some manner obtain our permission before he screws with us,  deceitful as he may be in obtaining this permission.  This is how respected and powerful Free-Will is to both God and Satan,  and yet we just hand it over to Psychopaths.  Do we have to stand by and just watch this girl get tortured and waste away?  Should we send cards and flowers to the family to help them and more importantly us feel better?  The whole situation is sick and surreal,  surreal because reality has been altered so far from its natural state that it is not even recognizable to the sane person anymore.  Do not succumb to the spell or become acclimated to this perverted version of reality,  this inane and hypnotic explanation for what passes as individual freedom.

They are Demons,  and we are Humans.  They will use all of their Magick and Power to bring out the Monkey in us, for that is when they own us.  But the Sorcery does not work if you do not submit yourself to it!

Free Will is the key, for if we only truly understood our power and potential……

The Constant Illusion tells us we are free, but at the same time it tells us that there are several authorities that rule our thoughts and actions through our will submission,  and that we accept this.  It constantly whispers in our left ear that we are free,  and in our right ear we are told there are authorities we must obey.  There is a group to decide every major problem for you and do your thinking for you,  and as a coincidence they all wear some kind of costume.  All your questions

If these basic, natural and assumed and correct freedoms of being Human are under attack then we are no longer discussing politics or opinions,  it means someone or something has achieved complete and total control over our hearts and minds.  After this there is no further to go.  All that remains are our Souls. i truly believe that this is what it is all about.  It is the reclaiming of what we should never ever have given away in the first place, that being our sovereignty and Humanity to ruthless strangers in exchange for a false peace of mind, laziness and safety.   While they had us distracted with sex and money and other adventures in hedonism they went after the good stuff,  our willing submission to them in every belief and thought.   And we are being set up for the theft of the Soul.  If any medical experiment can be performed on us without our consent,  and if we have no authority over our own children,  then we better wake up and recognize our true position on this planet and in the universe and begin taking care of business immediately.   Even the lower animals will resist and fight back in the extreme to being handled against their will…..and as for their children?  Just try to mess with any animal’s babies and see how it’s done.  How much more can they do to us?  We are dead already.  What kind of Human is that?  What kind of Human willingly submits themselves to the psychotic will of other men?  The answer is no kind…..we are abused puppets,  and this is absolutely the last breach.  If this does not wake us up we are dead,  the waking dead….to here and no further.

We shall keep our Will and our Souls always…..

Submit to no one ever

Be an Individual always

Trust in the Christ Consciousness






     i have been Spiritually compelled to make a quick Observation on a most disgusting and inhumane act,  that being paedophelia, which without a doubt has to be the most horrific and damaging act ever conceived in the Mind of a Human….in fact it may not have even been conceived in the mind of a Human,  so Evil is its nature.  i personally believe, with my cynicism in check, that it is a permanent poison to the victim –  and despite there being differing levels of effects from this Crime of the Soul once committed it will forever dim the Light of the Child’s Spirit, if only faintly. 

     i am overwhelmed by the number of accounts i read of in the news and even by the revelations from friends.  And when one is confronted with what can only be defined as Demonic behavior  being perpetrated upon the most innocent and helpless of our little ones,  and occurring with such frequency and accepted with the numb rationalizations of a Dead Populace i must ask myself,  “What the f$%@ is going on here?”  This should never even happen once….the fact that it is an epidemic demands immediate examination and explanation.   The number of friends i have who have been sexually abused is staggering….statistically applied to the rest of the country i am beginning to to think that Nature hasindeed been infected or is Controlled by a Demonic influence.

       So let’s get at it:  The extremely popular television show “Family Guy” actually has a character that is a pedophile, and if that isn’t enough he is given quite a bit of airtime.  Watching the show i began to see an attempt to humanize this character:  First,  just being in the show at all is programming people to a familiarity for this behavior.  And it seems so twisted to me that he cracks jokes that people laugh at, so the end result is that we are sitting on our couches enjoying the presence of a pedophile character whose every joke relates to sexually abusing young boys, and that is hilarious, isn’t it?   In addition to this the show is animated,  and who loves animation?  Children, of course, who are ingesting the toxic thoughts of this show.  So this pedophile character is constantly making sexual advances and comments to young boys within the guise of laughter, interacting with the other adult characters on an equal level, and not being punished for this behavior  –  it is ignored or laughed off – so quite simply the Child sees the pedophile and his predatory actions as accepted in Society – That is so devious,  and it is slipped into our Consciousness through laughter.  So how is this being perceived in the Minds of the Children?    What is this doing to them?  

With the availability of this animated show to children who must see this guy over and over  (his name is Herbert, ha ha)  i began to see a real lack of empathy on behalf of Seth McFarlane, the creator of   “Family Guy”   ( sorry, Seth, but if you get the credit you also get the blame….and until i hear from you that you were forced against your will to do this i shall hold you responsible in the meantime.)    Is Mr. McFarlane not smart enough to see what this is doing to Children as well as adults?   As a writer and creator he knows that children will watch repeatedly, over the years, over and over….has he no Empathy?  i have too much respect for his intellect to believe that  he is not aware of what is going on.  And i don’t believe that the Children do not understand therefore it doesn’t affect them….NOT TRUE.  i should say that i am a huge fan of Seth McFarlane,  who created the show.  i enjoy a lot of his humor and voices…it’s a shame, he is so talent he doesn’t need to do this.  Which makes me wonder WHY he is doing this, and we get back to the intentional agenda of spreading this Evil….perhaps once the show was bought for the 5 million or whatever it was, as soon as a Monster Corporation became involved and the show had a big following,  the Cultural Engineering began.  But i believe Mr. McFarlane to be complicit,  if not complacent in this.

And again, this is not even a character who shows up once in a great while to make a distasteful joke;  he makes many appearances and he associates with the main characters in many different ways thus rationalizing this pedophile personality as now a typical character in the social dynamic.  There was even an entire show where he saves the boy ( that he wants to sexually pervert)  from a Nazi!  A Nazi is the ultimate symbol of Evil for Americans, whomever defeats them is the Hero….so the Pedophile becomes the Hero!   Why are they working so hard to twist and form this character into someone we should look upon as one of us, part of our Society, and even with Hero qualities?      

i was lucky enough to come across this YouTube Video someone put together showing  SOME of   “Herbert” in action….

Complete with music,  which is a very powerful tool in the programming of young as well as adult minds, he is singing love songs and duets….there is an intentional effort to humanize and beyond that bring sympathy to him…watch how much effort the writers have put into bringing an acceptance and sympathy to him and his perverted lust for the Child,  using songs which are very attractive and effective in brainwashing a child….this is a crime in itself….a very young child could easily begin to feel sorry for him and think it was his duty to help him….you cannot watch this through your own eyes  –  imagine how a young one would look at this….if it is happening in the show as often as it does and in full view of all the other characters,  who are so real to a young child,  can you not see how it becomes something that the Child now believes goes on and is accepted in the adult world?

And adults are subject to having their perceptions affected without them knowing it…  Adults are also getting lulled into this acceptance of something which should be repelled.

It is called de-sensitization….you may claim your hatred of pedophiles, but as you watch over and over there is an effect that takes place.  i am not suggesting it will magically change your opinion or turn you into one,  but perhaps when one moves in two doors down from you and your family you won’t be as worried or upset as you should be.

With the recent Sandusky case, for example, and this link to a news report of a pedophile running for a position on the school board…something is up,  i’m telling you.  Evil is feeling more confident these days to brazenly walk our streets in broad daylight, flaunting his deviant behavior that goes unnoticed and unpunished because the People are in this Hypnotic Trance….the Programming is almost complete, the People move in moronic masses to the beat of the Culture’s Demonic drum….the Individual is almost Extinct, they die by being crushed by the Societal Machine.  

So even if you are familiar with the show  “Family Guy”, please watch this video….and remember that this character is a sexually abusing Pedophile of Innocent Children, that is what he does and what he represents.  Then look at how he is presented, and decide for yourself if this is not Sick and Perverted, and intentionally devised…..

WOW is all i can say… we have now come to the point in our Society where a Pedophile is represented on one of the most popular Television shows of all time,  ”Family Guy”,  in a manner that humanizes his behavior, creates sympathy and empathy, and welcomes him into the Social Dynamic… thank you so much Seth McFarlane,  for taking the great gift of laughter and using it to introduce the Pedophile into our Society…..

Thank you for reading…..

i wish you all Peace,



Here is some staggering and enlightening information which i have condensed from the fantastic research of Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book the “The Biology of Belief”  which will open up your understanding of how we Think and Process Information…..

Dr. Lipton presents this information within the context of Health,  and without a doubt if you or a loved one is suffering from any disease or disorder these observations will absolutely be of service and interest.

However,  i could not help noticing how this research also explains quite a bit about how Mind Control and Manipulation are actually very easily perpetrated upon us…..

The insidious implications of this are really quite insane which you will see….

Are you ready?

Here we go…..


i’ll give you a second to take that in…..

Now the Subconscious is a Computer-Like Matrix Storehouse of absolutely everything we have seen,  heard,  felt or experienced EVER….it records absolutely EVERYTHING AND ALL ITS DETAILS AND KNOWS EVERYTHING THAT AFFECTED EVERY CELL,  a complete record of our Experiences which our Conscious Mind in no way could come close to remembering as it would be Information Overload and we would naturally go insane.

In other words,  every detail of every Television Image,  every Movie,  everything we experienced growing up at home and in school and at play,  every lie or twisted concept we have read or heard,  ALL OF IT has been recorded in every single detail,  and here is the kicker,  folks……

Regardless of how we feel about the Event,  whether we Consciously consider it right or wrong or Good or Evil,


And so this later becomes what we believe to be our Conscious Thoughts…..

Are you digging the implications of this?

But wait,  there’s more!

It turns out that the brains of Children aged 2-6  ( and even before and after but slightly different )  are in a Theta-Wave State…..

Our Brains enter a Theta Wave State when we are being Hypnotized……so Children are in a natural state of hypnosis,  and this is what accounts for their ability to download the vast amounts of information that they need from the world around them……

You probably see where i am going with this….

So what do we do with our Hypnotized Children?  We them send to the State Indoctrinating Schools for the duration of their entire youth,  and we place them in front of the Television,  where disgusting, immoral images, violence and fear, and behavior modifying ideas and lies are downloaded and imprinted on to their Subconscious without any Moral reference to what is Good or Evil……

This is why Television shows are called Programs,  or Programming…..get it?  It is because the Controllers of these Images need,  as always, the permission of your Free Will before they commit these Evil acts, which will be the topic of another Time….it is the same reason why soldiers wear DOG tags and must go through TRAINING…..and why it is referred to as CULTURE,  which is a dish of bacteria that is being experimented upon…..

Now this does not mean that we are all semi-conscious, immoral zombies…..we do Control our actions and thoughts,  it is just that they are mostly based upon what Society has dumped in there,  with all the more reason for critical and Spiritual thinking,


As for De-programming the Subconscious of all Negativity,  i am currently attempting to figure that out,  and will of course pass on what i learn as soon as i do….


( and that is from my Heart,  not my Subconscious )



It makes sense that Obama would suggest that the Government spy on themselves……after all,  the whole Gestalt of these people’s psychology is Fear and Paranoia,  Mind Games and Trickery.  The End Result of a System like this is not trusting anyone.  That will be quite a situation,  with half the people spying on the other half as well as each other.  Like an immensely huge Mexican standoff,  everyone scared and untrusting of their neighbor.  Just like the McCarthy Red Scare,  it is so easy to whip idiots up into a frenzy.  Unfortunately most of the people are indeed idiots and are easy prey for the intensely clever  psychology that is being employed upon every level of society.

What a brilliant concept they have devised –  because of course ANYONE could be guilty of ANYTHING.  Guilty until proven innocent,  and why not?  This Alice in Wonderland approach is far safer for everyone.   And once this door has been opened  (and it has)  it is just a free for all in terms of where the suspicious and fearful mind will go.  Fear and Pathology do not just operate at certain parameters,  rather they are always on and going on all the time against everyone.  Being in the Spy Game they are well aware that all their scheming is no good if there is even one group who is not checked and double checked,  and what better group than the Government themselves?  It is the Paranoid’s Dream,  the Cynic’s Synaptic SNAFU,  a fantastical game of Chess played expertly by the Elite men and women who have no real understanding of themselves and more importantly no real love for themselves.  Their adrenaline as well as their Ego and Fear are feeding off of their own actions and beliefs which are only the constructs of the sick indoctrination they have received.  Obama is working off of this same psychology,  and like any Tyrant or King he will request this as an added measure of precaution.  Because we treat people the way that we expect them to act,  and we usually expect them to act how we ourselves would act.  If we are liars who are scheming for Control,  then we assume all others must be doing the same.

The oh so clever move to get people scared and kicking this insane spy catastrophe into action is by clearly stating that if someone does NOT provide useful information then that itself  implies implication in whatever the information that never existed or was never known about was concerning… other words,  we are all expected to know what everyone else is doing and report on it,  otherwise we are liable as well.  If this is the type of Culture you want your children and  yourself to live in,  you have drifted so far away from the home base of Humanity i can only pray for you.   This is the same old Nazi Soviet style of Control only it is dressed up in the colorful American flag of freedom and choice which we have been trained to believe actually exists.  If the American Dream did exist we would not be in this situation,  and i would not be writing this.   We have been repeatedly taught to look only at the surface and never to question or think.  Just because they give us many choices does not mean we are free… just means that we can choose which version of their Control we want…..with all the pretty magazines and choices of news channels and papers the Information is still Controlled.  Pick your poison.   

And there will be fantastic excuses and wonderful reasons and it will only succeed if the people allow it to,  if the will of the people weakens at the sight of military morons,   if they fall for the fear and believe in these contrived laws conceived by psychopathic idiots when these laws do not supercede by any means or reason the laws of the Creator –  By setting a punishment for NOT endorsing what they want,  that clearly shows what they DO want.  They do not want a rational overview of the situation,  they are looking to clean out future whistleblowers and create a super tight system built on fear and reprisal.

So they don’t trust the American People,  and now they don’t even trust themselves.  Do they trust their Alien Overlords,  or just fear them?



i have never died before, but i’m well rehearsed….and so it is indeed curious for one to be in Love with every aspect of this wonderful Existence;  from the interior gifts of Consciousness and Soul, to the Angelic gift given to the Musician, perceiving quite correctly the Woman as a work of Art in Spirit and Form, Children as the true reflection of the Creator God,  and Nature as the Physical Aspect….the Thought Forms of this same Beautiful Creative Essence, and yet there existed within myself the desire to leave this Life, not because of these ethereal contents but rather for how these same were invisible and dehumanized, ignored and abused….for i am in excellent company when i say that this is a profoundly sick and pathological Society, the corollary to this being that those who have accepted, adjusted to, or do well within in it are sick as well.  For like a poisoned ocean, the healthy fish have died while the remaining are sick and mutated. For if our hearts could only beat like feathers upon the breath of the One whose figments we are, as in the kind and judgmental eyes of Osiris, as we know nothing of our own Psyche, despite the Freudian insistence upon certain Mechanical promises whose malfunctioning is a symptom of something far greater and more sinister than anything our Ego and Fear would ever allow us to believe…the designing and dispensing of chemicals to dull and nullify the spark that is Spirit, a contrived sport is made of psychiatry to now which even the law is beholden, the madness of a Darwinian solution to the Glory of our very presence, the illogical insanity of a god who would request the tips of baby penises in exchange for a promise, Patriarchal Psychopathy has traveled hand in hand for thousands of years suppressing the Goddess at every turn,  whose very nature will not allow a violent response.  For the most Beautiful, Natural, and Powerful act of a Human is Childbirth, which cannot be stolen or destroyed by Man as all other things material and spiritual have been.  Subversion is the only end to that means. So enter Feminism:  a clever misdirection that brought about NOT the Divine Feminine as could have been but rather used the Man as Template…what a foolish mistake to imitate Man!  Man who falters constantly and consistently in his understanding of Women, Sex, God and even himself…Man who desires the viewing of other men playing children’s games as Sport, who wears the name of another man in pride on his chest…Man, who is a socially engineered puppet, for whom the word Career is but a societal euphemism for Slave, that the Woman should be fooled into this as a desirous goal, the Female is indeed co-creator of this grave error.  And the Creator Essence who so unselfishly brought us into Being, to even conceive of the whole affair, a Matrix of Illusion to us now, perhaps, but all is Confusion until the Code is deciphered and the Language understood and then Chaos becomes Eden, a tale of two cities whose dichotomy of thought leaves us with no colour, for it is only on and off, good and evil, black and white, and yet it is Truth which will always be the only concept with a singular vector….does the Mind submit itself to the three dimensions within which it exists,  or do our senses parade the Mind about like a Marionette with tangled strings that Vibrate in multiple Symphonies from the billions of cellular Orchestras within our corporeal selves to the largess of the Orbiting Spheres?  And yet we choose to hear nothing.  Only a sad silence pervaded only by the Ego can be heard,  a chattering echo of its sub-program repeating endlessly and idiotically.  The great Melody lies dormant in the broken hearts of all Humans, awaiting the rhythm to which the heart has already begun like a living metronome.   That the Individual is considered a disease to this society, and Babies even more so….while living Human Fetuses swim for their lives in a toilet should be the acknowledgment that we have failed, each and every one of us, contributing with Thought if not Action, as Thoughts are Things, and if we are here than we have brought ourselves here…Free Will is a responsibility of such enormity and seriousness that perhaps it cannot be grasped quite accurately enough at this point in our Conscious Evolution as to just what we have done….for each Human is a wonderful promise, and yet with the organization of these same Humans comes intolerable control, followed soon after by the bitter cruelty that was unrecognizable only moments ago…..

 i have not left and i will not leave, at least not until the Synchronicity of my Dimensional motivations prevent my staying any longer, for i am now more resilient than ever….and there is a great freedom in the serious consideration of death, nor can this place of awareness ever be achieved artificially, but to be so deeply pierced by emotions, to be so concerned and obsessed with the reality of every day, ended like Solomon with a blessing of more Wisdom….for truly the unexamined life is NOT worth living, and the examined life at first is also not worth living, for to see all the well trained Humans parade about so proudly in their zoo, trapped within a psychic cage of mental anguish they will not allow themselves to feel, for to feel this would be the weight of a million suns, is at first reflected back at oneself with the proclamation of  “guilty!”  as a heavy verdict from every corner of society, for it is all born out of the same bad seed….the alternative is the Paranoid’s Dream, another contrived creation from the Freudian playbook, and so there is no relief.  For as Einstein taught us, you cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it…..for a person knows when he is in a prison or any alternative reality only because he has something to compare it to… hypothetically, he said sarcastically, what if the entire Earth were a prison and all its occupants were born into said prison and had no other reality to compare it to?  Ego and Fear are the twin engines of self-destruction…for what else but a vainglorious ego, melded with the human’s unique gift for creativity, could assume anything at all concerning who and what we are?  We are even ignorant to the origin of Gravity, a force which maintains a persistent affect on our reality….we remain unaware of both the surreal and ethereal boundaries of our own physical selves, choosing instead to rely upon the mechanical aspects of the physical body, cognizant to no other information than what our senses with such limited antennae we pathetically rely upon, and clinging to this we build upon it nonsensically….a severe lack of understanding with regard to our very psychology and the workings of memory, how dare we assume anything at all about our subjective reality?  We could easily be as ants in a box beneath a child’s bed, or perhaps a self aware software program, for what is Natural and what is Mechanical?  We have defined for our own purposes and self satisfaction our meaning for these words,  but then how shall we define what is a god and what is an alien?  How would the Ancients have defined these? 


That misleading Dichotomy again fools us into believing that we have chosen our own paths like Lab Rats in a maze, when nothing could be further from the truth…..the Bible word for word or not at all, indoctrinated into our childhood hearts with the Fear of Hell to imprint it upon our consciousness with such a firm grasp it is not worth the pain for many to tear it off;  not entirely a bad thing, for the Gods are indeed there for us, but we must navigate through the propaganda of many entities to uncover what is surely more complicated and abstract than what has been delineated for us over time…..for it is crucial to note what provoked the many intelligent and spiritual cultures of the world to abandon their concept of Gods and Goddesses for the sadistic,  Patriarchal God who seems to be favored by the imperialistic pathological nations, or even to consider the cause of the subversion of Christianity away from the esoteric teachings of the eastern style, leaving a hollow, empty Christ repackaged and marketed by the Vatican just in time for the Roman Empire to enforce it upon the world……

Civilization began the very instant Nature was subjugated.  It began BECAUSE Nature was subjugated.  When the Nomadic Tribes became aware of animal husbandry and farming it allowed for the stability necessary to build and create Society… so the two cannot co-exist freely.  And yet whether this is some cosmic metaphor or not, Human Beings are themselves Nature and therefore anything that comes out of Society can only be De-Humanizing and Anti-Human….Laws will never correct this, Political Ideology will never correct this, for one cannot serve two masters….and as we have already chosen, for long ago we were divorced from the Garden,  we shall only become more Dehumanized while becoming more Desensitized to the very awareness of our Humanity slipping away…..the ancient archetypes that used to glow brightly in our mind’s eye have become faint, and i fear will soon vanish forever.