i have been Spiritually compelled to make a quick Observation on a most disgusting and inhumane act,  that being paedophelia, which without a doubt has to be the most horrific and damaging act ever conceived in the Mind of a Human….in fact it may not have even been conceived in the mind of a Human,  so Evil is its nature.  i personally believe, with my cynicism in check, that it is a permanent poison to the victim –  and despite there being differing levels of effects from this Crime of the Soul once committed it will forever dim the Light of the Child’s Spirit, if only faintly. 

     i am overwhelmed by the number of accounts i read of in the news and even by the revelations from friends.  And when one is confronted with what can only be defined as Demonic behavior  being perpetrated upon the most innocent and helpless of our little ones,  and occurring with such frequency and accepted with the numb rationalizations of a Dead Populace i must ask myself,  “What the f$%@ is going on here?”  This should never even happen once….the fact that it is an epidemic demands immediate examination and explanation.   The number of friends i have who have been sexually abused is staggering….statistically applied to the rest of the country i am beginning to to think that Nature hasindeed been infected or is Controlled by a Demonic influence.

       So let’s get at it:  The extremely popular television show “Family Guy” actually has a character that is a pedophile, and if that isn’t enough he is given quite a bit of airtime.  Watching the show i began to see an attempt to humanize this character:  First,  just being in the show at all is programming people to a familiarity for this behavior.  And it seems so twisted to me that he cracks jokes that people laugh at, so the end result is that we are sitting on our couches enjoying the presence of a pedophile character whose every joke relates to sexually abusing young boys, and that is hilarious, isn’t it?   In addition to this the show is animated,  and who loves animation?  Children, of course, who are ingesting the toxic thoughts of this show.  So this pedophile character is constantly making sexual advances and comments to young boys within the guise of laughter, interacting with the other adult characters on an equal level, and not being punished for this behavior  –  it is ignored or laughed off – so quite simply the Child sees the pedophile and his predatory actions as accepted in Society – That is so devious,  and it is slipped into our Consciousness through laughter.  So how is this being perceived in the Minds of the Children?    What is this doing to them?  

With the availability of this animated show to children who must see this guy over and over  (his name is Herbert, ha ha)  i began to see a real lack of empathy on behalf of Seth McFarlane, the creator of   “Family Guy”   ( sorry, Seth, but if you get the credit you also get the blame….and until i hear from you that you were forced against your will to do this i shall hold you responsible in the meantime.)    Is Mr. McFarlane not smart enough to see what this is doing to Children as well as adults?   As a writer and creator he knows that children will watch repeatedly, over the years, over and over….has he no Empathy?  i have too much respect for his intellect to believe that  he is not aware of what is going on.  And i don’t believe that the Children do not understand therefore it doesn’t affect them….NOT TRUE.  i should say that i am a huge fan of Seth McFarlane,  who created the show.  i enjoy a lot of his humor and voices…it’s a shame, he is so talent he doesn’t need to do this.  Which makes me wonder WHY he is doing this, and we get back to the intentional agenda of spreading this Evil….perhaps once the show was bought for the 5 million or whatever it was, as soon as a Monster Corporation became involved and the show had a big following,  the Cultural Engineering began.  But i believe Mr. McFarlane to be complicit,  if not complacent in this.

And again, this is not even a character who shows up once in a great while to make a distasteful joke;  he makes many appearances and he associates with the main characters in many different ways thus rationalizing this pedophile personality as now a typical character in the social dynamic.  There was even an entire show where he saves the boy ( that he wants to sexually pervert)  from a Nazi!  A Nazi is the ultimate symbol of Evil for Americans, whomever defeats them is the Hero….so the Pedophile becomes the Hero!   Why are they working so hard to twist and form this character into someone we should look upon as one of us, part of our Society, and even with Hero qualities?      

i was lucky enough to come across this YouTube Video someone put together showing  SOME of   “Herbert” in action….

Complete with music,  which is a very powerful tool in the programming of young as well as adult minds, he is singing love songs and duets….there is an intentional effort to humanize and beyond that bring sympathy to him…watch how much effort the writers have put into bringing an acceptance and sympathy to him and his perverted lust for the Child,  using songs which are very attractive and effective in brainwashing a child….this is a crime in itself….a very young child could easily begin to feel sorry for him and think it was his duty to help him….you cannot watch this through your own eyes  –  imagine how a young one would look at this….if it is happening in the show as often as it does and in full view of all the other characters,  who are so real to a young child,  can you not see how it becomes something that the Child now believes goes on and is accepted in the adult world?

And adults are subject to having their perceptions affected without them knowing it…  Adults are also getting lulled into this acceptance of something which should be repelled.

It is called de-sensitization….you may claim your hatred of pedophiles, but as you watch over and over there is an effect that takes place.  i am not suggesting it will magically change your opinion or turn you into one,  but perhaps when one moves in two doors down from you and your family you won’t be as worried or upset as you should be.

With the recent Sandusky case, for example, and this link to a news report of a pedophile running for a position on the school board…something is up,  i’m telling you.  Evil is feeling more confident these days to brazenly walk our streets in broad daylight, flaunting his deviant behavior that goes unnoticed and unpunished because the People are in this Hypnotic Trance….the Programming is almost complete, the People move in moronic masses to the beat of the Culture’s Demonic drum….the Individual is almost Extinct, they die by being crushed by the Societal Machine.  

So even if you are familiar with the show  “Family Guy”, please watch this video….and remember that this character is a sexually abusing Pedophile of Innocent Children, that is what he does and what he represents.  Then look at how he is presented, and decide for yourself if this is not Sick and Perverted, and intentionally devised…..

WOW is all i can say… we have now come to the point in our Society where a Pedophile is represented on one of the most popular Television shows of all time,  ”Family Guy”,  in a manner that humanizes his behavior, creates sympathy and empathy, and welcomes him into the Social Dynamic… thank you so much Seth McFarlane,  for taking the great gift of laughter and using it to introduce the Pedophile into our Society…..

Thank you for reading…..

i wish you all Peace,



Here is some staggering and enlightening information which i have condensed from the fantastic research of Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book the “The Biology of Belief”  which will open up your understanding of how we Think and Process Information…..

Dr. Lipton presents this information within the context of Health,  and without a doubt if you or a loved one is suffering from any disease or disorder these observations will absolutely be of service and interest.

However,  i could not help noticing how this research also explains quite a bit about how Mind Control and Manipulation are actually very easily perpetrated upon us…..

The insidious implications of this are really quite insane which you will see….

Are you ready?

Here we go…..


i’ll give you a second to take that in…..

Now the Subconscious is a Computer-Like Matrix Storehouse of absolutely everything we have seen,  heard,  felt or experienced EVER….it records absolutely EVERYTHING AND ALL ITS DETAILS AND KNOWS EVERYTHING THAT AFFECTED EVERY CELL,  a complete record of our Experiences which our Conscious Mind in no way could come close to remembering as it would be Information Overload and we would naturally go insane.

In other words,  every detail of every Television Image,  every Movie,  everything we experienced growing up at home and in school and at play,  every lie or twisted concept we have read or heard,  ALL OF IT has been recorded in every single detail,  and here is the kicker,  folks……

Regardless of how we feel about the Event,  whether we Consciously consider it right or wrong or Good or Evil,


And so this later becomes what we believe to be our Conscious Thoughts…..

Are you digging the implications of this?

But wait,  there’s more!

It turns out that the brains of Children aged 2-6  ( and even before and after but slightly different )  are in a Theta-Wave State…..

Our Brains enter a Theta Wave State when we are being Hypnotized……so Children are in a natural state of hypnosis,  and this is what accounts for their ability to download the vast amounts of information that they need from the world around them……

You probably see where i am going with this….

So what do we do with our Hypnotized Children?  We them send to the State Indoctrinating Schools for the duration of their entire youth,  and we place them in front of the Television,  where disgusting, immoral images, violence and fear, and behavior modifying ideas and lies are downloaded and imprinted on to their Subconscious without any Moral reference to what is Good or Evil……

This is why Television shows are called Programs,  or Programming…..get it?  It is because the Controllers of these Images need,  as always, the permission of your Free Will before they commit these Evil acts, which will be the topic of another Time….it is the same reason why soldiers wear DOG tags and must go through TRAINING…..and why it is referred to as CULTURE,  which is a dish of bacteria that is being experimented upon…..

Now this does not mean that we are all semi-conscious, immoral zombies…..we do Control our actions and thoughts,  it is just that they are mostly based upon what Society has dumped in there,  with all the more reason for critical and Spiritual thinking,


As for De-programming the Subconscious of all Negativity,  i am currently attempting to figure that out,  and will of course pass on what i learn as soon as i do….


( and that is from my Heart,  not my Subconscious )